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First Slumber Party
February 15, 2009
Evija and Katie had their first slumber party at Katie's house. Evija loves her BFF and had a great time. Donna and Art didn't get much sleep.

<hr>She's walking! Photo    

She's walking!
December 25, 2008
Around 10 months of age, Evija became steady on her feet and began walking from one end of the house to the other. The little one is fearless and will walk, climb, dive, roll, and do just about anything to keep moving.

<hr>First steps Photo    

First steps
November 27, 2008
Thanksgiving day marked another milestone for Evija. She took her first solo steps while Grandma Vivian was visiting. She likes to start walking by holding on to a finger, but quickly lets go and takes off on her own. She's only 9 months old!

<hr>She's clapping Photo    

She's clapping
October 22, 2008
She's always happy, and now she has another way to show it. If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands...

<hr>First words    

First words "uh-oh"
October 22, 2008
Evija's first words were "uh-oh." She also started saying "momma" and "dadda" soon after, but it was the word "hi" that quickly became her favorite. She likes to say "hi" to everybody and everything...including ALL of the milk cartons at the supermarket, the tree in front of our house every morning, the bear in her closet every night, any animal (living or stuffed) she happens to see...you name it.

<hr>First time standing (by herself) Photo    

First time standing (by herself)
October 17, 2008
At eight months, Evija was able to stand by herself and climb in and out of things. One of her favorite things to climb was her toy baskets. She climbed in the baskets and would just sit until she got bored, and then start the process all over again.

<hr>First time standing (with support) Photo    

First time standing (with support)
September 17, 2008
Right around 7 months, Evija was able to pull herself up to a standing position. A fabulous milestone, except for when she would wake up in the middle of the night and not know how to sit back down. We're glad she's a quick learner!

<hr>First earthquake Photo    

First earthquake
September 5, 2008
OK, so Evija actually slept through her first California earthquake...but this is a good impression of what poppy did!

<hr>First day of school Photo    

First day of school
September 2, 2008
On our second wedding anniversary we celebrated Evija's first day at Pixar's daycare center. Evija loves her teacher Sheri and her new BFF, Katie.

<hr>First chai latte Photo    

First chai latte
August 22, 2008
Like mother, like daughter! Evija loves her Starbuck's chai, and is now a regular customer.

<hr>She's crawling Photo    

She's crawling
August 15, 2008
Right around 6 months, Evija began to crawl. Poppy quickly learned to take care of the baby first, and the camera second.


First "creep"
July 18, 2008
She's a mover and shaker. One day before turning 5 months, Evija started to creep (schooching on her belly). She favors her right leg, but is using both arms and really starting to motor. Evija's favorite object to creep to is a book!

<hr>First teeth Photo    

First teeth
July 14, 2008
We knew when the heavy drool started last month, you were close to getting your first teeth. Sure enough, sometime this week after a couple fussy days and nights, we noticed two, little white teeth popping out from your lower jaw. You look adorable, but it's tough to get a photo right now because the teeth are so tiny.

<HR>First taste of    

First taste of "solid" food
June 27, 2008
Evija had her first taste of solid food last night. Yummy rice cereal! It was so much fun to watch her. She loved it immediately, and kept trying to stick her face in the bowl to get more as we *tried* to feed her with the spoon. Being a little over-cautious, we made the rice cereal a little runny, so we had a big, sticky mess on our hands and put her right in the tub afterward.

<HR>First bath Photo    

First bath
March 16, 2008
Evija's first bath experience was not so fun. She seemed really happy when it was over. Not to worry. The second time was the charm. From then on, she has absolutely loved her time in the water.

<hr>First spa visit Photo    

First spa visit
March 15,2008
Momma is starting Evija young! She had her first visit to the spa today and enjoyed the relaxing and peaceful environment.

<HR>First trip outside Photo    

First trip outside
March 2, 2008
The rain stopped, the sun came out, and we headed out to the local coffee shop. Evija, you slept the entire way there and back. We think you enjoyed the motion of riding in your stroller. Mom and Dad enjoyed getting out with you on our first family outing.