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  Please take a minute to say hello to little Evija. We cherish all your thoughts and wishes.

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beau & dianne browne
January 18, 2009

Hey Robert & Audra, Evija is just cute as can be!! What a lovely family you all make! Terrific site with all the great pics! Still remember good times during our Revit days, Robert - hope all's well at Gensler, ... congrats & best wishes! We're finally sending a little something in the mail - think we'll choose to call it an early 1st birthday gift 'cause otherwise it's just too embarrassingly late!

Craig Bangart
December 5, 2008

Beautiful pictures! This website is such a great idea - something both you and she will cherish forever. Best wishes to you both!

aunt scarlett :]
August 26, 2008

Evija you are beautiful!! I can't wait to meet you (hopefully before you start college-haha) hugs, aunt scarlett

Erin Frye
July 24, 2008

I love Evija's website! Welcome to Parenthood, it's the best and cherish every minute of it! I would love to come up north and see you guys!

vikki melinauskas
July 2, 2008

When your mom & dad come, maybe we will be able to get together and see Evija. She's getting at that interesting stage.

Aunt Rachael and Uncle Todd
June 23, 2008

Hello little Evija - you have no idea how long we had been waiting to see you. And you're turning out to be quite the showstopper! Your big smile and bright eyes are stealing everyone's heart. No one could have asked for a more perfect child. Congratulations to the Plummer family!

Pam Barnes
April 18, 2008

(former last name "Mead") Congratulations on everything - marriage, gorgeous new baby girl, and a good job at Gensler. Miss you, and wish you, and the family, all the very best.

Katie & Kevin Bishop
April 14, 2008

Congratulations Audra & Rob! Evija is beautiful. What a bundle of joy. Enjoy every moment.

Dave Gainey
April 9, 2008

What a beautiful website for a beautiful baby. Awesome-possum.

Wendy Reichenthal
April 1, 2008

What a beautiful and sweet little lady! I said my Ben was the sweetest and cutest baby in the world, and then, seeing you, I remember that every baby is the sweetest and the cutest. You certainly have the only parents in the world who are perfect for you and who love you endlessly. I enjoyed reading about your adventures and seeing all your pictures while my 6 month old Ben is taking his 30 minute nap. Thank you for sharing all the fun with us! We love you!