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Hello pointy toe, Photo    
Hello pointy toe,
July 17, 2008
I have to tell you about a funny, little thing you started doing not long after we started feeding you solid food. You get so excited waiting for your next spoonful you stick one foot way up in the air and point your toe when you see the spoon headed your way. You've even started doing it while nursing. I think it's just part of you wanting to be in constant motion these days. You want to go, go, go.

You are "schooching" and getting close to crawling. You roll from one side of the room to the other, back and forth, over and over, without tiring. Momma gets tired well before you do. By the time poppy gets home, she's ready for a break. A quick trip to Starbuck's for a chai usually does the trick, and then mommy and poppy race to your nursery to be the first one to pick you up when you stir from your evening nap.

You look really different to both of us this week. Your eyes are bigger and bluer than ever and are usually the first thing everyone comments on. Your hair is starting to look a slight shade of strawberry red...are we going to have a fiery red head on our hands? Your coloring is absolutely beautiful--like a porcelain doll. Yes, I am biased, but you are truly gorgeous.

You are starting to talk more and more...strings of vowels and funny sounds. Sometimes we just crack up listening to you grunt and groan and squeal with joy. In the mornings I lie in bed and listen to you entertain yourself for about 20 minutes before I even head in to get you. You have such a good time entertaining yourself...just like your poppy--though he can't point or touch his toes like you can!

    Dear Sleepless in Seattle, Photo
Dear Sleepless in Seattle,
June 10, 2008

We took our first flight with you last week. Poppy had to work a couple days in Seattle, so we thought you and I would tag along and spend the weekend visiting your Aunt Amy, Uncle Mark and cousins Maren and Evan. We also got to visit with friends Kira and Rafton--which was an added treat.

Wouldn't you know it...we got delayed 3 LONG hours for a short, 2 hour flight! You were really great though, and were happy as a clam waiting at the airport. You slept most of the flight, and I loved holding you and snuggling with you in my arms. Unfortunately, we didn't get you into the hotel room until after 2am, and I don't think you liked the hotel's crib. You were up most of the first night and ALL of the second night. Momma and poppy took turns strolling you through the hotel lobby that second night, and when Starbuck's opened at 5:30, we headed there. Finally at 6am, you fell asleep and as poppy got up to go to work, you and I dozed for a couple hours.

We decided to cut our trip short by a day, but we did enjoy the time we got to spend with Kira and Rafton and the Cork family. Your cousins loved you so much and wanted to keep you (or come home with us). We celebrated your Poppy's birthday at a brewery, and with cupcakes back at the Cork home. By the third day, you seemed like your old self and we were bummed we had already changed our return flight. Too bad we couldn't find a "Sleepless in Seattle" onesie to bring home as a souvenir!

    Dear angel, Photo
Dear angel,
May 7, 2008

I'm amazed you're already 11 weeks, and at the same time I can't believe you are only 11 weeks. It feels like we have been through so much together. You are now sleeping 9-10 hours a night, and napping like a champ during the day. Most of the time you are happy, smiling, and interacting with everyone and everything around you. Everyone you meet always comments on how happy and alert you are. I'm just so proud of you, and my heart is so full of love because of you.

You have a wonderful nanny named Maya who comes to take care of you occasionally so your folks get a little break and an occasional date night. Poppy chose to take me to a bookstore for our first date night. He thought it was romantic.

Your favorite toy right now is the "Whoozit" and you are getting pretty good at grabbing. We are trying to transition you from your bassinet to your crib, which makes me a little sad since you won't be sleeping in the same room as us anymore (and it means you are getting bigger). We also got you a play yard, but I feel a little bad putting you inside it because it seems really over-stimulating. It's filled with tons of bright colors, objects, toys, music, etc. Maya calls it "the circus." You seem to like it though. There really isn't much you don't like. Yes, you are an angel.

    Dear milestone maiden, Photo
Dear milestone maiden,
April 13, 2008

Seems like every day there's something new you about you; a new sound, sucking your thumb, a bigger smile...today (4/10) you rolled from your back to your tummy. You already rolled from your tummy to your back a couple weeks ago, but this was different. You were playing on your back and all of a sudden decided to go for it. You enjoyed it so much, every time I kept rolling you back on your back, you kept trying to roll over on your tummy. I feel so privileged to watch you grow, and be home to see all the little changes every day. I know it will be hard to go back to work.

On Friday (4/11), we had your third pediatrician visit. You are now 10 pounds and 1 ounce, and healthy as can be. It was a tough visit though because you received 2 of your first immunizations. You cried a little when each shot was given in your upper thigh, but were pretty content quickly thereafter.

You are such a happy baby and we are really lucky. My heart melts every time I watch you sleep in your bassinet. Lately, you like to curl up in a little ball on your side and suck your thumb until you fall asleep. It's fairly easy to get you to sleep on your own--all it took was educating ourselves on how to do it, and then teaching you. You are a quick learner and definitely our "textbook baby." It has made a huge difference for all of us now that you are on a routine, napping 4-5 times a day and sleeping 6-7 hours a night. I love you so much kitten.

    Little rolly poly, Photo
Little rolly poly,
March 26, 2008

What an entertainer you are little one. Today at only 5 weeks old, you rolled over for the first time--from your tummy to your back. It completely shocked me. I shrieked with delight and probably gave you a little scare. Seems a bit early, but you have always been a big squiggler--even in my belly. Sometimes when we watch you on the baby monitor, and you are fussing in your bassinet with your feet straight up in the air, it looks like you are standing on your head. I can only imagine the mover and shaker you will be when you start to crawl and walk.

Lately, your favorite activity is bath time. You weren't too keen on it the first time we put you in the water, but ever since that first time, you have taken to it like a duck to water. You look so relaxed in the tub, and you are blissful afterwards. We love to watch you coo and smile wrapped up cozily in your bath towel. I think your poppy and I love bath time as much as you do. It's become our family ritual almost every night.

    Dear momma's girl, Photo
Dear momma's girl,
March 15, 2008

This was our first week solo--just you and me little one. I was really nervous to care for you on my own because your daddy is such a big help, and we work so well as a team. But, we made it through the week just fine! Since poppy didn't need to be back to work until Tuesday, the three of us got out of the house on Monday and took our first family outing (in the car) to "the bench" in Sausalito. This is a very special place for us, as it's where we had our first date, and the spot where your poppy eventually proposed to me. It was a little cold on the day we visited, but we bundled you up and took turns eating a picnic lunch while holding you.

The rest of the week is a bit of a blur to me. We did have a handful of visitors: Aunts Tammy, Rachael and Andrea, and even Uncle Dave popped by for a visit and held you for the first time. We also had our postpartum visit with Doula Chris. We are so grateful she was there for your birth, and continues to be a part of your life. Also, a special treat for your mom and dad--Aunt Tammy came a second time this week and spent the night on Thursday to give us a little break. She is so good with you. Poppy finally got to do some laundry, and we both got a little extra rest. We need it because you're a very active girl!

    Hello Pussycat, Photo
Hello Pussycat,
March 9, 2008

I have no idea where it came from, but one day while you were fussy I started singing the Tom Jones tune "What's Up Pussycat?" The problem is, I don't know any of the words except for the line, "What's Up Pussycat? Whooo ooohhh ooohhh ooohhh." So, I sang that one line over and over and over again. Apparently, you loved it because it instantly calmed you and you stopped crying. Your poppy made fun of me, but the next day I caught him secretly singing the same line over and over to you when he was trying to soothe you.

You also love Bob Marley--especially the song "Three Little Birds." What will be most interesting is to see how much you like Christmas music. I listened to an excessive amount while I was pregnant with you, so you'll probably be like your poppy and want to celebrate Christmas in July.

    Dear sweet baby girl, Photo
Dear sweet baby girl,
March 3, 2008

Hard to believe you are already two weeks old. I know this is going to sound crazy, but I'm sad to see you growing up and getting bigger. I could sit and stare at you for hours...and I do when you breast feed or sleep. I study every bit of you--from your ears (each is different), to your little, chapped lips, to your long, lanky toes. Every day you become more familiar to me, and your scent more sweet.

Sometimes the tears just start to roll thinking about the fabulous life you have ahead of you. Somehow I skip right past kindergarten and imagine you working for some fancy pants company, or on your wedding day. I know, I get ahead of myself. And by the way, poppy says you don't get to start dating until you're 36 anyway (which is how old I was when I met him on my birthday years ago in San Francisco).

Today, we introduced you to a pacifier. We were a bit nervous to do so because you are doing so well with the breast feeding, but the doc says it should be fine. You do love to suckle non-stop, so it's nice to give poppy's water-logged finger a break. We'll see if it helps with your "fussy" time--which tends to be between 9pm and 2am (same as while I was pregnant with you). The good news is that we can usually get you down around 2am and you sleep for a solid 7 hour stretch. Normally, they don't like newborns to sleep longer than 4 hours at a time, but the doc said it's OK since you feed so frequently during the day, and have already gained over a pound since your birth! After two pediatrician visits, we're happy to learn that you are healthy and doing well. We'll spend the rest of our lives making sure you stay that way. I love you kitten.

P.S. I'm typing one handed as you doze peacefully in my arms. You spit that paci out within minutes!