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Month Five
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Evija really loves her little chair Weighing in at 11 lbs. 2 oz. as she hits 4 months Poppy makes a turban out of Evija's (clean) burp cloth
First time trying rice cereal That's not so bad! Finished the whole bowl
Grandpa Koklys reads to Evija in Lithuanian Grandma Koklys feeds Evija for the first time Grandpa's turn to feed Evija
Oh, you go, girl! Evija celebrates the 4th of July with Grandma and BBQ Grandma and Grandpa read to Evija before bed time
Poppy starts Evija early with the Nascar apparel Aunt Brigita loves feeding Evija! Relaxing after her bath
Poppy and momma tour Evija's new daycare center (and are in awe with  the mini toilets) Evija poses outside Pixar's daycare center (opens in September) Looking cute in her first mini skirt
Zonked out in her crib Uncle Lance poses with Evija Lance, Evija and Max the moose