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Month Six
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Poppy misses his mark Poppy writes another page in the clueless dad's diary Mama and Evija snuggle up
Kicking back in the (almost too small) play yard Cutie pie Evija tries to gnaw her way out of confinement
Evija knows her shots come next! Our beautiful girl on Granner's homemade quilt Evija's last day with nanny Maya
Evija practices crawling on Grandma Vivian's beautiful quilt Who is that other cute baby in the mirror? Total focus
Ready to go to work with poppy Realizing work can be kind of scary Silly girl
Evija loves to kick back and read in her crib Evija under poppy's watch! (next time - get Evija first, camera second) Our little rascal has outgrown her play yard