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First Christmas
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Evija at Gensler's Children's Christmas Party Visiting poppy's desk before the party starts Poppy and Evija hanging out at the party
Momma, poppy and Evija enjoying the party Evija meets Santa for the first time Evija picks up her gift from Santa
Evija opens her gift as poppy watches Evija LOVES Frosty the Snowman Evija enjoying her new gift
Evija wearing her new Christmas dress Adorable! Will they notice if I reach for a gift behind my back?
Ready to head out Poppy helps Evija put on her hat Check out the hands-in-pocket pose!
Enough photos...let's go! Christmas eve dinner with the Leiro family Aunt Tammy feeds Evija Christmas eve dinner
Evija, Kinsey and Tierzah waiting to open gifts Poppy is just as excited as Evija Evija loves her musical piano
Christmas morning in front of her first tree OK, let's get going with the gifts! I love my new talking butterfly
Facinated by her musical piano Evija has no problem ripping the wrapping paper! The wheely bug is her favorite gift from Santa