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Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Drinking from her sippy cup I've got this cup thing down!
Evija standing guard over the Thanksgiving turkey Evija loves to climb in her toy baskets Momma, is this OK?
Saying bye to poppy Evija and Katie holding hands Love those jeans!
Asher and Evija waiting for the school photographer Evija modeling her Christmas dress Evija, Katie and Asher with Miss Sheri
Ready for her PJs! Snacking on a teething biscuit Why can't I have Lucky Charms?
Grandma Vivian and Evija return from Christmas tree shopping Practicing walking with Grandma Vivian Heading out to the Dickens Christmas Fair
The Plummers Waiting patiently to get into the fair Watching the performers at the fair
Momma and Evija take a break Evija and Momma cuddle Hey momma take it easy!
Beautiful blue eyes! Sending poppy a note to Las Vegas Sending a birthday greeting to Grandpa was not so easy
Cruising around the classroom Evija telling Jack how it is Still doesn't like the doctor's office