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Month Eleven
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Beautiful baby blues Our sweet, little snow bunny Evija loves books
#1 favorite thing to do Evija LOVES to climb Babies in a basket
Hanging out with Katie One of the missing reindeer Celebrating the holidays at daycare
Posing by the tree On her way to Christmas eve dinner Poppy gets Evija ready for outside
Hat and coat and ready to go One last shot before we're out the door Christmas eve dinner with Aunt Tammy
Christmas eve dinner with the Leiro family Evija waiting for some Christmas goodies Poppy and Evija open Christmas eve gifts
Evija loves her piano Evija's first Christmas morning! Let's get the gift opening going!
Evija is excited Christmas morning Evija doesn't need much help I love my new toys
My favorite new toy the wheelie bug Momma recovering from an early morning Our one sock wonder
Modeling her cute new sweater Locked out from daycare and a little mad Having fun at daycare